To All The Facebook Haters Out There: More BAD News, 2017 Numbers Are In

Wella, wella…

So, last year there was a short stint of mild anxiety (+ SHEER JOY from Facebook haters) regarding the magnanimous social network attracting too many old people. If you recall there was this quasi-rumor that lasted about a month trying to convince the world there was nothing but images like this from old people using the black and white filter for good old times sake…

I think it was started by some big TV network out there, since it ALSO happened right around the time the Wall Street Journal published:

“Interpublic to Shift $250 Million in TV Ad Spending to YouTube”

Magna Global signs upfront deal with YouTube for October 2016 through December 2017, as TV ratings remain under pressure.

By the way, a $250M ad purchase is 1/8th of YouTubes $1.96 estimated ad revenueeeee….

If last years shifts in ad spending didn’t infuriate the hell out of MOST Facebook haters, then maybe this newly released PEW Research study will make you officially jump off a cliff…

That is more than double the share that uses Twitter (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%) or LinkedIn (29%).

Yea, that’s 68% of all U.S. adults.

While you may feel like Peter Griffin from Family Guy…

Maybe you are a private person who doesn’t think the world revolves around you?

If you are private, this practically guarantees you royally SUCK at Facebook.

You can complain all you want about Facebook being an obnoxious, incestuous POOL of photos of other people’s meals, uneducated political rants, babies and slutty, sexy posing women. Nevertheless, now half of American internet users are on it and marketers are certainly making due…

And you know what happens with things that people make money off of… they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon…

All annoying Facebook issues aside, it’s really sincerely not that remarkable when you realize that there is also something fundamentally changing in our world…

Everyday the needle turns further and further toward an H2H world, which Facebook is obviously expediting since it’s the MOST popular and the most human of them all!

YES! Apparently, people actually DO want to know:

  • What you ate?
  • What the heck you do on your free time?
  • Who you hang out with?
  • If you’re on the HOT TRAIN or just letting yourself go…
  • Are you a good person with good intentions?
  • If your baby grew 2 inches…

You might HATE it. You may barely ever use it, except for 5am when you wake up for 5 minutes. In fact, maybe you wish it would just spontaneously combust? If that is you — you are not alone, there are still 39% of you guys out there in America.

The struggle with this channel is real, but somehow you must debunk your hate for it. If you feel like maybe you should reconsider your prejudice of this channel, here is my piece on how to ignite this channel for you: “Transparency: The Key to Facebook”

Here’s a comment about my Facebook methodology – which shows that even people with the WORST opinion of Facebook can be reformed:

Please remember that when using it for business or personal branding, you need to be giving 80% of the time with helpful, useful, inspiring or lovable content before you ask for A SINGLE THING you silly Facebook newbie!

Happy New Year to you and DO connect with me on there. I won’t think it’s weird.

Here’s the PEW Research study. May your Facebook hate simmer down in 2017!!!!

If you know someone who hates Facebook be sure to share this article with them. We don’t want anyone to feel alone here. 🙂