What Is The #1 Thing That Drives Readers Wild?

“Humans can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.”

Source: 3M

It’s not that our words are not worth the effort to put together, but consumers are now gravitating toward visuals more incessantly than ever. Between the ubiquity of camera phones and the surging popularity of photo-centric social platforms, imagery has become central to digital engagement. Facebook may have reached 100 million users in four years, but it took Instagram only 10 days to attract 10 million users. Science has proven that humans assess and store perceptions quickest through visual cues. We not only respond more quickly to images, but we also have a more emotive connection to visuals. Images convey more than the written word could ever express. The right imagery can entice feeling and emotion, bypass our filters and communicate deep meaning in an instantly understandable way.

…an intense relationship between consumer and brand can be created through the art of branded content…

Image-centric engagement demands not only smarter brand visuals in social spaces but also creates a need for a strong visual story. The big idea and a high production campaign might affect brand perception, but it’s the thoughtful, sincere and consistent visual story dispersed socially that builds a relationship.

Here’s a great example, check out Tequila Avion on Pinterest?



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