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How can I work with Meier Marketing?

No RFP - No Problem.

Basically – if you don’t have an RFP – set-up an initial consult for 1-Hour at $300.

Got an RFP?

If you have an RFP – we can get you a proposal in 5 business days. Send it on over to gotmeier@meiermarketing.com.

*If you have confidentiality requests, we can discuss those. (312) 967-4371.

Marketing plan, no RFP?

No RFP – but have a marketing plan? Guess what we can still help you.

  1. Set-up initial consult for $300 – send us marketing plan in advance of meeting.
  2. We will review and discuss during initial meeting.
  3. RFP Writing Services starting at $500 – estimate will be finalized as a follow-up item to our initial consult.

I need help from ground zero.

No RFP and no marketing plan? Book your initial consult ($300) Marketing plans starting at $2,500

Have questions? Call us (312) 967-4371.