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MeierMarketing.com is a global digital marketing agency specializing in customer acquisition and engagement. We provide a holistic online marketing perspective with programs involving content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing and online PR.

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Too lazy to read the “Services” tab above…it’s ok! Aren’t sure where to start with Meier Marketing? From idea to launch, to complete brand management – we can assist you in the journey of recognition. Reach out to Kit Kat here, who’s worked with #Pepsi, #Kraft, and #Kellogs to name a few… 312.330.7676

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/ What we believe…

Today true marketing power is priceless. In fact, you can’t afford it. Why? Because, well, it’s FREE. We sell, FREE Marketing… What the hell are we talking about? Ever heard the saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Well, at #MeierMarketing we believe “If  you throw an ad at a consumer he’ll remember it for a second; if you give a consumer a tool to further self-promote himself through your brand you’ll create a memory in his mind for life .”  

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Why do customers choose us?

- We get things done.

- We do them right.

- We’re affordable (For now, until Nike calls.)

- We love our work, which is really play for us.

- We are always excited to create.

Chicago brands we’ve impacted!

Monika Dixon Public Relations  |    BeeCloser    |   LUX Management     |   Andrea Metcalf    |  POMS Solutions   |   Millennium Garages    |   Teddy Fabz    |    Shani & Jane re-Design     |   Hi-Five Sports Clubs    |    Hi-Five Nannies Bay Area Sports Club    |    Hi-Five Sports    |   North Shore Adult Sports    |    Hi-Five Tots    |   Lincolnshire Gourmet    |   The Afterdark    |   R.W. Troxell & Company  |   Chad Coe    |   Robin Mitzen – Your Life Counselor     |    The Nitpickers    |    Deerfield Family Days    |    Dr. Michael A. Epstein    |    Transcend MedSpa     |    Enaz     |        Migraine Elimination Centers     |    Center for Holistic Medicine    |    The House of Breads    |    Upright Imaging Center    |    Body Empowered Fitness    |    Move It and Lose It Contest     |    Draperies by Sandi    |    The Alley    |    Gabes Backstage Lounge     |    RS-Fuels    |    Shaanta Inc    |    Shearer Fitness    |    Logistics Savings Solutions    |    FISH Window Cleaning    |    Sports Line    |    Manor    |    The Cedar Hotel    |    Karyn Calabrese    |    Heel Pain Centers     |    Advanced Foot & Ankle Centers    |    LaHoChi Energy Healing    |    Shelle Jewelers    |    Project HUGS    |    Shoes Guys Food    |    Market Making    |    The SEV Group    |    Discovery Foreign Language Instruction    |    My College Sublets    |    Flirty Girl Fitness Black Book Event    |    Premier Basketball League    |    Chicago Muscle    |    Razorsharks    |     Chicago Mobile Massage    |    Flexeon Rehabilitation Clinics    |    Rockwood Place    |    At Sports TV    |    Noodles    |    Lisa Lockwood    |    Rosemary Cairo    |    Weekends with Whitney    |    Christina Karin    |    North Shore Auto Spa    |    We Wash Detail Center    |    Tyco Landscape    |    ECO Tan    |    JMP Global    |    Lucky 7 Dining Deals    |    Expect A Miracle Foundation    |    Uncommon    |    Alina Korotkina    |    Beology    |    Refresh Smile    |    Dr. Catherine Minnick    |    Chicago Parking   Meters    |    Scott Byron Landscape Architects    |    State Street Barbers    |    Final Touch Delivery    |    A Little Deal.com    |    Yana German    |    Healthy Initiative    |    Dr. Beasley    |    Venture Connects     |    J.Noel PR     |    Karyn Calabrese     |    The Green Ribbon Foundation    |    Team Discovery     |    Sales Results, Inc. 

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