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Regardless of industry, my #1 objective is to devise campaigns that are sustainable for at least one years time.  If you cannot afford to stick to a strategy for at least one years time via investing in marketing or using existing revenue, I cannot help you. With that being said, I am industry agnostic but looking to work with:

Maritime: Yacht Sales + Charter Marketing

Yachts are not simply boats. In fact, they are entire beings, with beginnings and futures – each one has a unique story that requires delicate approach and mass attention to detail. A good story is both facts and exciting narrative used to paint the picture of the ultimate experience that for some is once in a lifetime and for others is every summer. Nevertheless, the challenge to win jet-setters hearts remains. The only way to nurture the attention of a crowded luxury space is to tell a story. Our knowledgeable team and artistic resources at MMG are capable of delivering unique communications to help maintain a voice and image in this ever growing space of luxury travel.


Is it that the world lacks innovators? Not really. Today innovation is far beyond our wildest expectations, it’s the communication that comes along with technology that is at times even harder than the actual innovating of the technology itself. This is where we become innovators of that powerful voice that MUST be omnipresent at all times with every move the company makes. We’re here for that from SaaS, to apps, to cloud storage.

Commodity & Energy Trading / Brokerage Houses

In a hyper-connected world, the purchase and sale of oil and gas is possible from even the most unexpected corners of the world. We help take complex sales to market by enabling brokers to leverage social sales for the latest lead generation and digital relationship marketing technologies.

Insurance, FinTech, Plastic Surgery….

We work with brands that have complex sales involving risk or severe due diligence before commitment. We work with these industries to create custom digital sales systems that complement or off-set traditional direct sales models.


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I am educated to the level that I am because of the leaders that I follow. With access to several Fortune 500 experts, I call it a knowledge bank. If your project requires various expertise, do not worry, I will summon the right experts who have the right expertise for the scale and breath you are looking for. Digital is constantly becoming more dominant, below are some bite-size facts. For more on trends, read our blog.

“By 2020, 85% of consumer decisions will be made without human interaction.”
"91% of consumers say they would actively switch to a brand with similar price and quality if brand supported a good cause."
"Video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70 percent in 2015."
"Mobile devices will account for two-thirds of total IP traffic by 2020."
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The Latest Trends?

I am hot on the subject of digital, just check out the latest on my blog. If I am speaking your language, reach out to me.

Why is Everyone Flocking to Content Marketing?

Name the last thing that was effective, that you stopped using…Today it’s all about longevity and holding onto your position with marketing that delivers multiple returns over its lifespan. Most older marketing and advertising strategies have been based on short-term gains. For this reason, digital marketing has gained significant street cred – based on it providing the opposite: long term results.